About Me

I am a professional photographer based in Utah.


There is a "peak" moment in every sport where the athlete's abilities, and technique are optimized.  I study each sport I am asked to photograph to understand that moment and work to capture it.  I love working with athletes and being on the sidelines of any competition! 


While taking portrait pictures, I make clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and even silly. That’s when they let down their guard to unveil that certain expression or look that reveals who they really are – their uniqueness, their beauty. Through the lens of my camera, I wait for that moment when their eyes and smile match, when their face lights up, and the "magic" happens. There is a connection between families that I want to see. I encourage and facilitate talking, laughing, tickling, sticking tongues out – whatever it takes!

The bond between your family members should be unmistakable. I want you to love your pictures. When you look at them ten, twenty, even thirty years from now, I want you to still cherish them.

Phone: 972-310-3515

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